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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roman Army Equipment and Artillery

The Roman Army was extremely powerful. They used various different types of equipment to help them in battle. Some pieces of equipment that they used included: Cassis which were helmets, Lorica Segmentata-armor, Gladius- swords ranging from 18-24 in. long, Pilium-throwing spears, Scutum- shield, Red Battle Cloaks and Sandals. They Roman Army used four main artillery pieces: the Scorpio similar to a crossbow, Ballista similar to a catapult, Onager a smaller version of a Ballista and Catapult. One of the reasons the Roman Empire was so successful in its military defeats, is because the men were so close to each other. It soldiers thought of each other as brothers and the army was a close knit family.  
Posted by: Melanie Wallis

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